Fiona Walker

With over 30 years as a student and practitioner of yoga, meditation, and the healing arts, Fiona’s approach is holistic, embracing Body, Mind, and Spirit. Over the years she has trained in Yoga, Shiatsu, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Rebalancing, Trager, Esalen massage, and dance and movement therapy, among other methods. Fiona embodies a deep appreciation of nature and the lessons to be gained there, having spent years living in the remote wilderness of the northern Yukon.  

In the 90’s she developed The Art of Conscious Touch, a certified, 250-hour training program for holistic massage and bodywork. In addition to bodywork and yoga training, Fiona has spent her life exploring the self in group and private therapy, including Gestalt, Primal therapy, Encounter therapy, and breath-work, as well as the Hakomi Model of body-centered psychotherapy, which she studied under Ron Kurtz, John Eisman, Donna Martin, and Beth Faulk-Nelson. Her yoga teachers include Angela Farmer, Sama Fabian, Sandra San Martino, and Donna Martin. These days Fiona teaches yoga in her studio on Denman Island.