Lama Dorje Wangmo (Connie Mitchell)

Connie Mitchell (Lama Dorje Wangmo) is a skilled teacher of yoga and meditation who facilitates seekers around the globe. Connie is a recognized Lama in the Namgyal Lineage of the Ka'gyu school. She teaches with warmth, humour and profound insight across a range of settings, which include the School of Natural Mind Meditation (

Lama Connie was installed to teach Mahamudra and Natural Mind Yoga (Tib: Trulkhor Nyi-da Kha-jor) by her “root guru” (Lama Kunzang Rinpoche). Natural Mind Yoga is an accessible 12-posture method quietly practiced in Tibet for over 1200-years. This consciousness-evolving yoga method is as effective for the tentative beginner as it is for the accomplished yogin.

Connie is the Executive Director of the School of Natural Mind Meditation. She holds a Masters degree in International and Intercultural Communications, is a certified yoga instructor, reflexologist and Zero Balancing practitioner and is a recognized sensei in the Japanese Wado-Kai karate tradition. Connie lives in Victoria, British Columbia alongside her husband, John Sumner.

“Connie Mitchell is an incredible teacher of meditation and yoga. I feel that Connie has changed my understanding and my interest in Yoga in a profound way.  She has helped me immensely.”  K.S.

“Without a doubt, the most life altering experience I've had! Taking the Natural Mind Meditation course from Connie Mitchell has completely altered my perception of who I am and the world I live in!" Y.Y