Lama Dorje Wangmo (Connie Mitchell)

Lama Dorje Wangmo (aka Connie Mitchell) is a highly skilled teacher of yoga and meditation. She is a Lama in the Namgyal Lineage of the Ka'gyu school. Her online program, 'Natural Mind Meditation' is available online throughout the Americas, especially appreciated by students scattered in distant locations, far from the Hermitage. Her ability to teach the twelve-asana program of Nyi-da Yoga – the yoga system taught at the Hermitage – has been a great asset for both those at the Hermitage and her online students.  

Connie’s approach is practical, well grounded in common sense, well adapted to individuals living in today’s busy world and exceedingly helpful to seekers with no prior background in meditation. Much of what she teaches in terms of traditional yoga and meditation is compatible with our modern knowledge in cutting edge neuroscience.

Versed in Eastern and Western philosophy, Connie holds an undergrad media degree, a Masters degree in International and Intercultural Communications, and certification through the Hermitage as a Buddhist Spiritual Counselor, Meditation Teacher, and Yoga Instructor. She has also been certified by the North American Yoga Alliance as a qualified teacher of yoga. Connie is a karate black belt/instructor, a certified reflexologist, and was one of Canada's first fully certified Zero Balancing practitioners. She lives in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, with her beloved husband and partner, John Sumner. Connie Mitchell is Director of the online School of Natural Mind Meditation.

“Connie Mitchell is an incredible teacher of meditation and yoga. I feel that Connie has changed my understanding and my interest in Yoga in a profound way.  She has helped me immensely.”  K.S.

“Without a doubt, the most life altering experience I've had! Taking the Natural Mind Meditation course from Connie Mitchell has completely altered my perception of who I am and the world I live in!" Y.Y