Liam Gillen

Liam Gillen has dedicated much of the last decade to being deeply involved in meditation and spirituality, as a practitioner and educator of the Amrit Yoga Method of Yoga Nidra and as a Yoga Therapist.

Before that, Liam had an accomplished career, as a senior-level executive, consultant, and entrepreneur, with extensive experience in real estate, education and the hospitality industries. He successfully launched several businesses in the real estate and casino industries and lived and worked in many countries around the world. His drive to deliver the best environment for the customer and the employee saw the companies flourish.

He adheres to a value system based on integrity and driven by a philosophy incorporating the respect and dignity of every individual. He remains passionate about the importance of bridging the worlds of work and business, with a harmonious personal and inner life.

As CEO of Amrit Yoga Institute, he had the opportunity of bringing his business expertise to the Yoga environment implementing a vision to bring the deep teachings of Yogic philosophy to a broader audience. He oversaw the systematic growth of qualified teachers, increased annual programming and the upgrade of the facilities.

Liam continues as a valued Senior Trainer at the Amrit Yoga Institute delivering high-intensity programs around the country. He develops and delivers his own workshops and retreats focusing on wellness and balance in life, while also providing one on one sessions with private clients.

Liam is wholeheartedly invested in offering teachings and techniques helpful in creating and maintaining a mindful approach to living your best life possible.

• MBA, Masters of Business Administration - Summa cum Laude, NSU, Florida.
• BA, Human Resources - Magna cum Laude, TIU, Miami, Fl.
• Florida Real Estate Broker
• E-YRT 500 Teacher
• Certified in Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Yoga Therapy