Geshe YongDong

In 2015, GesheLa was nominated by the International Gratitude Tenshug Organizing Committee to be the Bon representative of Canada.  He chaired a meeting in Toronto, Ontario Canada and began the organizing process to form a Canadian Tibetan Bon organization located in Toronto. Practitioners and families would benefit from a central location to hold future gatherings of the Canadian Bonpo community to develop spiritual practice and to connect with each other.

Since he arrived in Canada in 1999, Geshe YongDong has had a ‘heart’ connection with the First Nations People of Canada.  He has attended and given teachings or talks at several of the larger International ‘Gathering’s’.  He has met with several of the Chiefs and Elders to discuss the many similarities and concerns that both of their cultures have or are facing.

GesheLa was honored to meet and form a lasting ‘brotherly’ friendship with one of the Saskatchewan First Nation Elders.  He was officially adopted into the Cree Nation in 2001 and given a special name of Kah pae, pae, Tah Koosit, which means ‘the coming sound of Thunder Bird.’

Geshe YongDong has a dream and an objective to build a Tibetan Bon retreat centre on Vancouver Island, Canada. His plan is to invite monks from Tibet and India to teach classes and share their culture with western students.  He also has a larger dream and commitment to introduce, teach and establish Yungdrung Bön Buddhism throughout Canada and the world.

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