Lise Duncan

Lise Duncan has operated Equipoise Bodyworks, a health and fitness business, since 1999. A certified yoga and bodywork therapist and teacher, Lise teaches Yoga and Pilates in private and group settings, offers coaching/consulting services, and provides integrative healing massage and bodywork in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island. With a background in fitness and passion for teaching, her approach in Yoga emphasizes correct alignment and safety while encouraging curiosity about the physical body, and embracing the myriad emotional and spiritual benefits this practice brings to our lives. Equipoise Bodyworks serves all ages, specializing in a mature clientele, with the goal to educate, motivate, and empower anyone desiring a richer and deeper life experience.

Lise's retreats invites participants to practice compassion through a different lens: with self-inquiry and reflection, using such tools as journaling, healing-sound therapies, Ayurvedic self-care bodywork techniques, guided breath-work, meditation, and specific yoga postures, we explore and experience a higher level of self-awareness and personal responsibility with the intention of better serving others. For without cultivation and nurturing of our own Divine Energy, we are unable to sustain the ongoing compassion towards others. Lise's twenty plus years of experience teaching, facilitating, coaching, and healing come together to make this an engaging, informative and deeply rewarding retreat.