Lama Kalzang Dorje

Ngakpa Lama Kalzang is a wellspring of sacred knowledge. His unique background in a rare and esoteric lineage within the Tibetan Nyingmapa tradition offers an rare glimpse into the spiritual and cultural landscape of the Tibetan plateau. Among his many accomplishments, Ngakpa has maintained a balance between the academic and mystical spheres; his talks can illuminate diverse topics within the ocean of Tibetan wisdom, from philosophy to literature, and from religious ceremony to sacred yogic practices. In 2002 he was awarded the Doctorate of Philosophy degree, recognizing his years of outstanding scholarship. Kalzang-la is fluent in the sacred arts of Tibet.

Lama Kalzang Dorje describes his lineage as follows:

“I come from a family lineage of Ngakpas (mystic yogis) that can be traced back to the time of Guru Padma Sambhava Rinpoche’s twenty five direct disciples. One of Padma Sambhava’s disciples, Langchen Pelkyi Sangye, was requested to come to my region of Tibet to help protect the area from negative forces. There he accomplished this feat and others. He settled in our area, Amdo, and gradually, from his family, the Tantric practice lineage was formed. More recently in this family lineage, there was Lang Gyalpo Rigzin Palden Tashi, a very renowned Lama in his time. He traveled to central Tibet and Kham and received countless teachings from many masters. Upon returning to Amdo, the Rekong Ngakpa Community (Rekong Ngakmang) was formed. To this day, this Ngakpa community exists and the practices of Kyirim, Dzogrim and Dzogchen remain in unbroken continuity. I am the seventh generation from him in this family Ngakpa lineage.” 

Lama Kalzang is an expert in the Sacred Rite of Chod-performance. This Tibetan contemplative practice combines drumming, dance, and shamanic experience with meditation to cut through the ego in one swift movement using a method of crazy-wisdom yoga, thereby awakening the miraculous in one’s life. Ngakpa is knowledgeable in the Hermitage lineage of this practice, known as Longchen Nying-t’ig Chod, and has taught the practice to Western students on a number of occasions with wonderful results.

After the death of his teacher in Tibet, Lama Kelzang went to Nepal to continue studies with his current teacher, Khetsun Sangpo Rinpoche. In 1996 he entered the Shedrup Dojo Ling monastery in Nepal to take formal and strict study and practice from the guidance of Khetsun Sangpo Rinpoche.  Lama Kalzang is the current Spiritual Teacher at Thubten Choling, a Buddhist Centre located in Duncan, BC., Canada.