Administrative Volunteers

The Hermitage is administered by The Dharma Fellowship, a non-profit society, and directors of the society are volunteers, generally elected by the members for a two-year term. In this internet age our directors can live anywhere in the world, attending monthly meetings by Zoom. Dharma Fellowship members who would like to make a contribution are encouraged to consider this rewarding option—we are always on the lookout for new recruits. Additionally, service on one of our committees (Community, Land Use/Gardening, Infrastructure, Fundraising) may be a practical way to help out.

Community Volunteers

Members of the Denman community have always freely provided much of the assistance needed to accomplish the centre’s necessary tasks. Volunteers help with repairs, gardening, running errands and building projects; sourcing materials and expertise, negotiating local ordinances and helping our guests get their bearings. Our community volunteers are an absolutely vital aspect of The Hermitage mandala.

Residential Volunteers

The Hermitage Is Currently Closed For Residential Programs

Our Residential Volunteer program is offered to those wishing to explore their contemplative practice amidst the activities of daily living and service at The Hermitage. If you are interested in contributing as a volunteer, we are always open to having a select number of individuals donate time, service, and skills in exchange for being able to live for cost at the Hermitage during the summer retreat season. Reliability is very important to us. Volunteer workers help with the many jobs required to maintain our daily summer schedule and they are critical to the centre’s smooth functioning. Volunteers are asked to provide somewhere from two to four hours daily of service work, usually in the kitchen or on the grounds, and are expected to combine that work with personal meditation practice or participation in an existing retreat or yoga course. All Volunteers receive the full Hermitage meal service when our summer retreats are occurring.

Our Site Manager and other staff are available to provide support and guidance. While we’ll try our best to match your skills and interests with the work that needs to be done, it largely consists of helping with retreat participants, working in the kitchen with food preparation and clean-up, basic house cleaning, carpentry and vegetable gardening.

If you are interested in serving as a residential volunteer please fill out and submit the online application.