The Hermitage Is Currently Closed For Residential Programs

Solo Retreats

Private retreats can be arranged in the off-season, and can be particularly rewarding during the late fall and winter months when the rain forest embraces visitors in natural solitude and the wild rhythms of nature on the West Coast. With the exception of an occasional scheduled group retreat, this is “off-season” at the Hermitage.

If you are self-directed and ready to spend some time doing a deep personal retreat, The Hermitage can help by providing a warm and comfortable place for you to stay. Please fill out the following form in order to request a space with us. The rate is $95 a night, which includes heating and use of our facilities. You are expected to bring your own food and cook for yourself. There is a refrigerator and freezer to store your food supplies. Special rates are available for long retreats.

Accommodations are assigned on a first-come first-served basis but we do keep a waiting list. Please keep in mind that a last minute cancellation is a lost opportunity for someone else, and notify us as soon as possible if your plans change.