Lama Rodney Devenish (Karma Kunzang Rinpoche)

Lama Rodney’s involvement in the Buddhist tradition of Mahamudra meditation began in Scotland in 1964 with the Vajracarya Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche (1939- 1987). As a young English student, living in the same house with Trungpa Rinpoche up until the latter’s departure for the United States in 1969-70, he received an exceptionally deep experience of the rich Kagyu Buddhist tradition of meditation. During those years he also had the good fortune to train with several other Asian teachers, learning the Sechen tradition with Akong Tulku, training in Vajrayana practice with Benchen Lama Chime Rinpoche, practicing Vipassana under the Theravada master Chao Khun Sobhana Dhammasudhi and Zen meditation under the guidance of Sochu-san, a Zen-master from Kyoto, Japan. He became a lifelong student of his root teacher Kyabje Namgyal Rinpoche in the winter of 1969, and remained his disciple since that date up to the present.

Lama Rodney received ordination and spent ten years as a Buddhist monk, much of that time living in isolated retreat on a wilderness acreage in the Rocky Mountains near Revelstoke, B.C., fulfilling his teacher’s instruction in the Six Yogas of Naropa and other forms of meditation. At the conclusion of that period, he was asked by the late Nyingma Lama Khenchen Palden Sherab to start a meditation centre in San Francisco, California. Lama and his wife Lisa, who met in San Francisco, led that centre for more than five years. In 2002 they returned to Canada with Gelong Karma Govinda, and in 2005 they founded The Hermitage (Kunzang Samten Yangtse) on Denman Island.

These days Lama Rodney serves as an elder spiritual guide for a number of younger meditation teachers, yoga instructors, and students of Buddhism in North America.