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Fluid Movement and Meditation is valuable medicine used to recognize, heal, and nurture our inner Being. Gentle practices of movement and presencing will reveal the tapestry of emotional experience, thought processes, physical holding patterns, action and reaction in a way that provides insight and healing release. Join Dr. Darlene Tataryn, Expressive Therapist and Zen Priest in exploring anxiety, distress, muscle tensions, thought processes and deconstruct them into the emotional and physical holding patterns of the body/mind, revealing the relationships between them. These explorations will be unfolded using Buddha Dharma, focusing on the Four Frames of Reference from the Satipatthana Sutra. .

Arrival after 3pm on July 12th

In this silent retreat our work with movement and micro movement will help release physical and energetic congestions and ease us into deeper and deeper states of meditation.   These explorations will be offered as guided meditations, movement sessions, Dharma Talks and group discussions.  In the Zen tradition a strong and fairly formal container is held, with structured timelines for meditation and kinhin (walking meditation) as well as Morning and Evening Service.  Please bring a yoga mat.

In these practices we will have the opportunity to bring our awareness and attention to the tissues of our body, and through recognizing sensation we identify feeling states of pleasure or not so pleasurable or neither.  These feeling states will stimulate a series of mental and emotional processes, often revealing themes that we can identify and understand more fully as they unfold.

These inter-related phenomena can be seen functioning as a totality, awakening us to the construction of our actions and reactions, providing an opportunity to shift our karmic patterns through knowing what we choose and what we do not choose.  You will take with you a stronger practice rooted in embodiment and understanding of your own Body, Speech, and Mind.


Teacher's Program Fee: Dana – the teachings are offered by donation. It is hoped that people will give generously.

Food and Accomodations: 325$ to 475$ based on selection.

July 12th, 2019 3:00 PM   through   July 17th, 2019 11:00 AM
7131 Denman Road
Denman Island, BC V0T 1T0
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Event Fee(s)
Eco Kuti $ 475.00
Kuti $ 475.00
Large Canvas Tent $ 425.00
Small Canvas Tent $ 375.00
Own Tent $ 325.00
The teachings are offered freely. Dana is gratefully accepted.