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Love is said to be the greatest force within the human personality for rapid self-development and personal transformation. In this retreat we will apply the power of love to focus our practice of mindfulness and insight meditation. In this way we can learn to love ourselves, love each other and, through love, approach the transcendental.

Arrival after 3pm on June 7th

The Buddha introduced Maitri-bhavana ('Love meditation') as a rapid path to Awakening. By integrating and balancing the head with the heart, Love meditation naturally leads to bliss, and bliss to the pure lasting peace of Nirvana. This meditation can be practiced by both beginning and experienced meditators. Once someone learns this practice, they can apply it wherever they are, to transform their experience of life and the world around them.

Ths silent retreat is led by the founder of the Hermitage, Lama Rodney Devenish.


Teacher's Program Fee: Dana – the teachings are offered by donation. It is hoped that people will give generously.

Food and Accomodations: 325$ to 475$ based on selection.

June 7th, 2019 3:00 PM   through   June 12th, 2019 11:00 AM
7131 Denman Road
Denman Island, BC V0T 1T0
Reception: (250) 702-1609
Residence: (250) 335-3377
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Event Fee(s)
Eco Kuti $ 475.00
Kuti $ 475.00
Large Canvas Tent $ 425.00
Small Canvas Tent $ 375.00
Own Tent $ 325.00
The teachings are offered freely. Dana is gratefully accepted.