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This retreat will give you the tools you need to develop an authentic meditation practice, and build a solid foundation for greater and greater self-discovery. Among the many secondary benefits are increased calm and stress-reduction, expanded mindfulness, and a more focused or steady approach to life. Lama Connie’s teaching style combines ancient Asian wisdom with modern understanding, and is accessible to Western students.

Arrival after 3pm on June 8th

This retreat will provide clear and concise daily instruction in this foundational meditation practice and its nine stages of ever-deepening mental abiding. Exploration and observation of the “three solitudes” of body, speech, and mind will augment sustained independent practice. Students will learn how to meditate sitting, standing, walking, and lying down. Daily teachings will allow time for question and answer sessions and participants have the option of having brief, practice-oriented personal interviews with the teacher.

In order to maintain the integrity of the practice space, students must commit to participating fully throughout each day to the prescribed meditation practices, maintaining silence throughout, and abstaining from the use of phones, computers, tablets, music players, etc. for the duration of the retreat.

Lama Connie is Founder and Director of the School of Natural Mind Meditation. You can learn more about her here:


Teacher's Program Fee: Dana – the teachings are offered by donation. Please give generously.

Food and Accomodations: 325$ to 475$ based on selection.


June 8th, 2018 3:00 PM   through   June 13th, 2018 11:00 AM
7131 Denman Road
Denman Island, BC V0T 1T0
Reception: (250) 702-1609
Residence: (250) 335-3377
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Event Fee(s)
Eco Kuti $ 475.00
Kuti $ 475.00
Hermitage Tent-Large $ 425.00
Hermitage Tent-Small $ 375.00
Own Tent & Bedding $ 325.00
The teachings are offered freely. Dana is gratefully accepted. $ 0.00
Schedule Therapeutic Massage $ 140.00