Today the world is in ever greater need of sanctuaries committed to spiritual exploration and evolution. At the Hermitage of the Dharma Fellowship we believe that the path of meditation, the conscious practice of love, and the careful stewardship of our Mother Earth are the precious seeds for our planet’s future. Our hearts are Buddhist and our approach is Western and non-sectarian, in the tradition of the Ven. Namgyal Rinpoche. We foster an open, non-dogmatic spirit of inquiry.  

While our core values are deeply rooted in Buddhist Dharma, we believe that all spiritual paths seek the same source, and we welcome teachers from a variety of meditation traditions. As the Dharma Fellowship’s meditation practice centre, the Hermitage provides a quiet and nurturing sanctuary for the study and practice of meditation and yoga, and the exploration of art, philosophy, psychology, and the healing arts as a means of self-discovery.

Our focus is on practice and many retreats are silent. Following the tradition of Eastern “forest monasteries” accommodations are small, private meditation huts set among trees, sharing a central wash house. Guests are encouraged to take their cushions to a private spot and meditate in the midst of nature.

Small and rustic, the Centre is located on a 60-acre organic farm on Denman Island. It is quiet, surrounded by woods and fields, and populated by herds of deer, and other wild creatures. We are within walking distance of nearby ocean beaches.

Scheduled teaching and silent practice retreats are offered during the summer months and occasionally during the winter. With are currently forming the nucleus of what we hope will become a self-sustaining monastic community.

We invite you to learn more about the Hermitage as you explore our website. Please register online for all retreats. (See the retreat schedule).  Getting here from anywhere in North America is relatively straightforward.

I feel incredibly blessed to have found the Hermitage. My retreat experiences there over the past four years have been nothing short of transformational. The care and ministrations of the support staff, the beauty of the secluded meadows and forest provide the idyllic setting for the deepest spiritual practice.