hermitage-garde.pngHERMITAGE VOLUNTEERS

Our Volunteer program is offered to those wishing to explore their contemplative practice amidst the activities of daily living and service at the Hermitage. If you are interested in contributing as a volunteer, we are always open to having a select number of individuals to donate time, service, and much needed skills, in exchange for being able to live at cost at the Hermitage during the summer retreat season. Reliability is very important to us. Volunteer workers help in the many jobs required to maintain our daily summer schedule and they thereby keep the place going as a functioning meditation center. Volunteers are asked to give somewhere from two to four hours daily of service work, usually in the kitchen or on the grounds, and are expected to combine that work with personal meditation practice or participation in an existing retreat or yoga course. In the summer, Volunteers usually sleep in tents, as a way of saving our limited accommodation facilities for guests. All Volunteers receive the full Hermitage meal service when our summer Retreats are occurring. At other times they joyously get together to cook for themselves.

Our Hermitage Manager (E.D.) and Staff are present to provide support and guidance. There are a number of openings available, depending on your personal skills. The work largely consists of helping with the retreats, help with cooking, working in the kitchen with food preparation & clean-up, simple house cleaning, carpentry and/or vegetable gardening. We'll try our best to match your skills and interests with the work that needs to be done. There is a limited number of Volunteer positions available.

Please appreciate volunteers are performing 'Karma-Yoga' – a spiritual service. We are immensely grateful to our volunteers.

Volunteer Positions Available

  • Full time experienced gardener volunteer for the spring and summer season 
  • Kitchen assistants – this could also be a way to learn how to cook really good vegetarian food
  • Volunteer Carpenter are very much needed
  • Cleaning and general maintenance volunteers for the summer season.

Equipment and Materials needed

  • We can always do with donations of farming/building material or gardening tools, etc.
  • Donate bedding, clean blankets, clean pillows, etc.
  • Any other contribution in support of a good organic vegetable garden would of course be greatly appreciated.

What about special projects?

At the present time we are engaged in several building projects. One such project consists of raising a Stupa at the Hermitage to hold a collections of relics of various Buddhist saints, including the ashes of Namgyal Rinpoche. 

Please email volunteering@thehermitage.ca for more information and to apply.