Devmurti Khalsa and Hari Amrit Khalsa

Born in Edmonton, Alberta, Devmurti Singh was 13 years old when he first met his Spiritual Teacher, Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji, better known as simply, Yogi Bhajan. The experience made a profound and lasting impact on his life, awakening deep spiritual yearnings and shaping his life to a remarkable degree. He began taking Kundalini Yoga classes and going to Sunday Lectures by Yogi Bhajan in Los Angeles during those earliest years when his teacher had first arrived in North America. After graduating with a degree in Anthropology from the University of California in Santa Cruz, California, he moved to Victoria and then on to Vancouver to live in the 3HO (Happy, Healthy, Holy Organisation) / Sikh Dharma Ashrams there where he began his life as a yogi and Kundalini Yoga teacher.

In 1982 he was invited to come work for Yogi Bhajan in Espanola, New Mexico at a spiritual community being created there. Devmurti Singh and his beloved wife, Hari Amrit Kaur, lived at Hacienda de Guru Ram Das, as the community was known, for over 25 years, thriving in the warm community of fellow Sikhs. Devmurti served as Yogi Bhajan's personal gardener at his home in the adjoining "Ranch," and later became Yogi Bhajan's property manager, and for a spell, his resident secretary. For decades he and Hari Amrit Kaur were blessed to attend twice-weekly meditation lectures and Sunday talks by Yogi Bhajan as well as interact with him daily. Yogi Bhajan told him that he would "save so many souls'" and "that working closely with the plants and animals was a part of this also."

Devmurti Singh and Hari Amrit Kaur have taught Kundalini Yoga and Meditation professionally for over 30 years and never tire of sharing stories of their Spiritual Guide and beloved Teacher. They lead a life of service to the spiritual teachings of Yogi Bhajan and have made their beautiful organic farm on Denman Island (adjacent to the Hermitage) a Kundalini Yoga Centre, sharing the teachings and their love of nature with all.

Hari Amrit Kaur, is a deeply respected Kundalini Yoga and Meditation teacher in her own right. Yogi Bhajan praised her for her deep intuitive ability to grasp the sacred teachings of Kundalini Yoga with ease, and to guide others. Hari Amrit Kaur is a completely heart-based practitioner of the spiritual path, a very personable counselor, a healer; a woman of extraordinary faith and devotion. She radiates peace and love to everything and everyone around her, so to be in her presence is sheer joy..

Spiritual teachings are best practiced daily. Devmurti and Hari Amrit are devout advocates of the early morning "Sadhana" as the surest and quickest way to make spiritual progress. In Sikh Dharma, everyone is encouraged to arise in the early morning before dawn, in the "Amrit Vela" to pray, to practice Kundalini Yoga, and to meditate. The rest of the day has a spiritual flow as a result. They love creating a "spiritual community" with those attending their weekly classes, meditation courses and Hermitage retreats. Their 5-day retreats at the Hermitage are a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the daily lifestyle of a dharmic Kundalini Yogi and to learn the priceless teachings of their beloved teacher, Yogi Bhajan.