For many years it has been the concerted wish of the of the Hermitage founders to promote, as broadly as possible, an awareness of the extraordinary benefits to be gained from Meditation and from Hatha-Yoga. Their aim was to let as many people as possible learn how to engage in meditation the proper way; how to gain deep personal experience, based on sound knowledge. But to spread the word was by no means an easy thing, and although thousands who could afford to do so managed to find their way to the Hermitage to attend Summer Retreats, there were always those who, for one reason or another, could not visit the Hermitage in person. Many who lived far away would ask, “Do you know how I can receive instruction? Can you help me?” Then the Internet came along. 

One day, a long-time meditation practitioner and skilled Hermitage meditation teacher, Connie Mitchell, recognized the potential of the internet as a way to reach out to those seekers not able to reside at the Hermitage. Embracing her Teacher's challenge to be of service through helping others, she set about establishing a vehicle for sharing what she herself had realized through her Teacher's precious teachings. Two years of love and labour later, an online meditation school was born, allowing individuals from all over the Americas, and even further afield, to receive online teachings and personal guidance on Meditation and Hatha-Yoga via the world wide web. This has evolved into a comprehensive learning platform: The School of Natural Mind Meditation.

The school is deliberately secular, and does not push any one particular religion or religious point of view, leaving matters of personal belief up to the individual. Although the school's teachings are taken directly from age-old Buddhist Yoga Tradition, the School itself is open to participants of all religions, or of none, as the case may be. The lessons merely clarify and point out the best way to practice Meditation and Yoga, in one's own home, as a traditional tool to explore the mind and seek self-realization. The teachings at The School of Natural Mind Meditation are thorough, comprehensive and accurate, and are further supported by the most recent studies in neuroscience available at this time.

Anyone who does not have a meditation teacher in their neighborhood from whom to learn and receive regular guidance will find everything they desire in these online lessons. We recommend that you give these lessons a try. So far all who have done so have been more than pleased with the guidance they have received. Many have found the experience to be profound and transformative.

To connect with Connie Mitchell, the school's Director and Master Teacher, click on The School of Natural Mind Meditation.