stupa_fs.jpgWe are erecting a stupa at the Hermitage and have been doing this for several years now. It is all being done by hand and voluntary labour. At first it was no more than a wooden mast set deep into in the ground, prayed over and blessed by Lingtrul Rinpoche, a venerated Tibetan Lama from far eastern Kham, who now mostly lives in California. In the year 2012 a base was formed around this mast—a base for what would become the central Cube Matrix of the stupa itself. With time we began to raise the core, made of stone and densely filled with tsa-tsas, from the base up, and above that a treasury to hold the first set of precious items; relics, a terma text, fragments of gold, silver, crystal and such things—almost like a time-capsule, a repository for the future. Now, this year 2018, right on time, the main structure is finally beginning to take shape, for this is a multi-year project.

The foundation of the "Glorious Namgyal Enlightenment Stupa” (śrī vijaya bodhi stūpa) at the Hermitage has been constructed according to the precise rules of sacred geometry, mathematical proportions that are thousands of years old. It is a three dimensional geometry that is based on the numerical cipher of Nature—the underlying architectural code of the Cosmos that governs everything in the Universe, including the strands of our DNA and the proportions of our bodies, the fractal design of snow flakes and the shapes and forms of delicate flowers, infinitesimal atoms and molecular structures, mineral structures such as quartz crystals, organic cells, and larger natural objects like pine cones, or the measurable curve and movement of ocean waves, formation of planets and stars—all adhere to accountable 3D geometric proportions, which the ancients mapped in terms of vastu-grids to outline mandala designs. It is believed by the Sages that the erection of monuments aligned to this code tap into Nature’s archetypal field-structure, which in turn are means to download pure information, the binary code of existence, consisting of the information-content innate to the make-up of the Cosmos itself. Tapping into the field-structure of Nature implies a way to release and channel geospheric, biospheric and noospheric energy. In other words, special sites, certain religious monuments and temples, if objectively configured on principles of Sacred Geometry, can be used as generators of subtle spiritual power—especially, the power to raise consciousness.

When the Shri Namgyal Stupa is completed, it will take its position as a sacred spot for meditation, a spiritual power centre. This is our goal and the motivation behind constructing this beautiful, mysterious and wondrous monument. If you are interested in contributing labor or funds to the completion of the stupa, please contact us.