Transportation from the airports and ferries to The Hermitage

Visitors from the United States may fly either to Vancouver Airport, Victoria Airport, or Comox Airport, depending on their choice of transport from those locations. From Vancouver you will need to travel by Ferry over to Vancouver Island, an incredibly beautiful sea voyage, well worth the experience - there are two ferries from Vancouver on the mainland of Canada to the city of Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, one leaving from Tsawwassen (this is closest to the Airport) and the other from Horseshoe Bay. There is an Island Link van service that can take you all the way across by ferry to Vancouver Island (Nanaimo), and from there one hour by road up to Buckley Bay, where you catch the little ferry across to Denman Island. We give the 'link' to Island Link below, their site explaining their service, costs, everything.

An easy way to travel is to fly from Vancouver Airport directly to Comox - less than half an hour flight, very efficient and friendly. Comox is the closest airport near Denman Island. Read below your many options for transport from Comox Airport to Buckley Bay. Comox is an international airport with flights arriving from many destinations, including Calgary, and Mexico and so on – check it out.

From Victoria by car the drive takes aproximately three hours, depending on traffic. From Nanaimo the drive takes one hour. From Comox the drive takes about 20 minutes. The ferry ride across the water from Buckley Bay to Denman Island is a mere ten minutes. We are happy to meet you at the dock.

Individuals with their own means of transportation travel similar routes, from Vancouver, Victoria and other towns throughout B.C., to Buckley Bay - then along Denman Road to the Hermitage. Come down our driveway (marked in blue on map to the right) from Denman Road and you are at the heart of the Hermitage property in minutes. 

Airport and Ferry travel options to Buckley Bay 

Pre-book all transportation on shuttles before you leave home to come to the Hermitage, the shuttles will not pick up unless pre-booked. Copy and paste all sites for information needed to book your transportation.


Options from Comox Airport:

Ambassador Shuttle

From Comox Airport to Buckley bay the cost is $45 for the first person, an additional $10 for the second person and $5 for the third, fourth etc.


Options from Nanaimo Airport:

Nanaimo Airporter

From Nanaimo Airport to Buckley Bay it costs $125 regardless the amount of people for the van and fits up to 6 people.


Options from Nanaimo ferry terminal to Comox   

Sky High Shuttle Service

250.339.4737, the email is and the operator is Dave Shilling

$45 per car/van (not per person)


Island Chauffeur

From Nanaimo Airport to Buckley bay the cost is $100 for the first person, an additional $10 for the second person and $5 for the third, fourth etc.


Options from Victoria Airport:

Greyhound bus leaves from downtown Victoria

From downtown Victoria to Buckley Bay the cost is $49 per person.

To get to downtown Victoria from the Victoria airport take public transit route at $2.50 per person

or a YYJ shuttle costing $25 for the first person, $44 for two or $63 for three, details on website


The Island Link van leaves from Nanaimo Departure Bay Ferry and several locations along the island

Rates vary and more information can be found on their website. Reservations cannot be made by phone


Options from Vancouver Airport

Take public transit route to Horseshoe Bay Ferry terminal then take the Island link shuttle. 


Buckley Bay to Denman Island from Departure Bay to Buckley Bay Denman Ferry. The departure times align with the Island link shuttle as specified on their website only.


Bus service to and from Buckley Bay is available through the Comox Valley Transit System. Bus service to and from Nanaimo is available through Island Link or Greyhound

To check the public transport schedule from Comox Airport to Denman Island, please visit the Transit System Trip Planner.

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